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AS SOME OF YOU MAY BE AWARE, I'M SWITCHING JOURNALS Switching journals was such a pain but I felt like it was necessary. I've had [info]xtainted_blackx for at least...4 years now and it is cluttered with graphics post, old teen angst (the hardcore, the-world-hates-me [even though it still does]) ANGST, & tons of comments that I haven't had time to read/give the appropriate response. So, I haven't been on much still but I'm hoping with deliranteverse which will have much more selective friends adding, I can get to know my Flist better. XD


→ Please, add me there if you want to remain my friend <3
→ this account will just be fore reference. I'm not going to use it anymore so all future updates will be there.
→ yes, deliranteverse will be my new permanent account.
Doctor Who/Torchwood

Friends Only~

if you wanna be friends, then let's be friends
there's no holding back
it's all up to you

comment to be added

I'll add anyone that wants to be added but if you want me to keep up with your post, see post below ♥
If you want to be a quiet lurker, that's fine too.

Anything I share on this JOURNAL SHOULD NOT BE POSTED ANYWHERE ELSE. Thank you

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Ciel from Kuroshitsuji

Public Post: The Friending Post.

This will probably be my last public entry for a while but here goes:

The Friending Post

Tangy &! }
I just wanted to say Thank you if you friended Me. I ♥ making new friends & getting to know more people. But as of currently, I have over 175+ friends & I really only know about 1/10 of those people.

I don't mind lurkers/stalkers but please,

If you are going to keep up with my posts, let me know so I can keep up with yours so we can exchange comments & fangirl moments. I promise I won't stalk you too much. ;]
&edit. No massive delating but I would like to know who still keeps up.

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